Just as it takes a village to raise a child, the same is true for a successful theatre production - a production isn't as good as just its actors. It takes talent, commitment and dedication of many different people. Just take a look at how many different people make up our villages!


The producer acts as the overall business manager for the upcoming production. They manage all aspects of creating a production including the coordination of audition, rehearsal, and performance scheduling; set & costume design; publicity efforts; and acts as the liaison between the director, choreographer, orchestra, stage manager, actors, and board members.

Assistant Producer(s)

The Assistant Producer(s) help the producer with tasks for the upcoming production while learning the ropes of producing a show. This position may be split between 2 or more people depending on the availability of the Producer and the complexity of the production.

Stage Manager

The Stage Manager is responsible for all logistical aspects of the show which takes good organizational skills. In this role, they will need to assist the Director and Choreographer by reading lines and standing in for actors who are missing from rehearsal. This requires a strong commitment to show up to at each and every rehearsal. Prior theatre experience is preferred but not required.

Assistant Stage Manager

The Assistant Stage Manager helps the Stage Manager with tasks for the upcoming show while learning what it takes to the Stage Manager of a show.

Set Designer

The Set Designer is responsible for creating the design and managing the construction of the set for the upcoming production.

Construction Manager

Working with the Set Designer, the Construction Manager coordinates the overall build and disassembly of the set. On occasion the Construction Manager may be required to assistance in the actual build and dismantling of the set.

Construction Crew

The Construction Crew helps the Set Designer with tasks for the upcoming show including building and painting the set.

Lighting Director

The Lighting Director is responsible for designing & setting the lighting for the upcoming performance. No experience is necessary.

Sound Engineer

The Sound Engineer is responsible for creating & performing the sounds for the upcoming performance. No experience is necessary.

Costume Manager

The Costume Manager is responsible for coordinating all aspects of costuming the cast for the upcoming production, from researching time period for styles to coordinating fittings.

Costume Assistants

Costume Assists help the Costume Manager with tasks for the upcoming show from creating & purchasing costumes, performing alterations, and arranging for costume through rental agencies.

Makeup Coordinator

As the Makeup Coordinator you will be responsible for designing the make-up and teaching the cast how to do their own. Ability to style hair is also a plus!

Props Master

The Props Manager is responsible for coordinating the props for the upcoming production. This includes collecting items from other members, thrift shops, & corporate sponsors and storing/organizing the props from rehearsals through the last performance and arranging for the return to their rightful owners.

Props Crew

The Props Crew helps the Stage Manager with tasks for the upcoming show including the collection and safe return of props to their owners.

House Manager

The House Manager is responsible for managing all of the ticket agents, concession manager, and ushers. On the rare occasion, the House Manager may be responsible to act in the capacity of each of these roles.

Ticket Sales Agents

Tickets Sales Agents are responsible for ticket sales for the upcoming show, be it advanced or same day ticket sales. On the rare occassion, they may also be asked to fill in for concession staff and ushers.

Concession Manager

The Concession Manager is responsible for acquiring refreshments, setup of the concession area, and managing all concession staff. On occasion, the Concession Manager may be required to fill in for concession staff.

Concession Staff

Concession staff members are responsible to assist the Concession Manager in setting up the concession area, taking payment for refreshments, and clean up of the refreshment area.


Ushers are responsible for assisting audience members in finding their seating. Required to arrive 45 minutes prior to a performance's curtain call, ushers are also responsible to help clean up after the performance.

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